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Tt eSports Level 10 M Mouse Review

It is important that a protective cover is removed before using the mouse, this covers the optical sensor. Don’t poke this with a sharp tool, use your fingers to carefully remove as you could damage the sensor.

Thermaltake are using aluminum in various sections of the mouse, an expensive material which is both durable and lightweight. There are Teflon feet underneath to improve movement on a quality mouse mat.

The Level 10 M mouse is elegantly designed, and curves nicely at the front. It measures 147 mm x 67.5 mm x 38.8 mm and weighs 185g.

The engineering quality is fantastic and all of the edges are smoothed so as not to cut skin. The top of the mouse doesn’t feel quite as robust but they are using a different non slip coating material to improve grip.

First impressions of the mouse are certainly positive, there is no doubt that the engineering standards are excellent and it feels weighty in the hand. The only concern we could mention would be that it is a heavy mouse and it may prove tiring for smaller, weaker gamers to use for extended periods of time.

The aluminum base is curved to accommodate several buttons on either side, more on these buttons shortly.

I passed the mouse to a local clan team and most of them liked the claw and fingertip grip style. Several of the clan gamers felt that the mouse was a little heavy, which verified my initial feelings.

The mouse is around the same size as the excellent Razer Star Wars the Old Republic mouse, although it is slightly longer and will suit people with medium to large hand sizes.

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