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Tt eSports Level 10 M Mouse Review

Thermaltake offer dedicated software and a firmware updater on their support site and our review sample was updated to the latest firmware version, which took only a couple of minutes.

The software can certainly not be said to be understated. It is glossy, high tech and very bright. I have to admit I don’t really like the overly flashy interface, but it does the job well. There are separate panels for Lighting, macro settings, performance and profile management. The keys can be assigned in a panel on the right side.

The ‘Battle Mode’ ties the LED lighting to your clicking activity. The faster you click the more active the lights on the mouse become.

The Light Option panels hardly needs an explanation and they can also be turned off if you don’t like them.

The Macro Key Setting panel is useful for gamers, especially if you play more complex games which require access to key combinations on a regular basis, such as MMORPG’s and RPG titles.

The performance panel offers a wealth of adjustments to the mouse, including fine control over dpi settings, double click speed, cursor speed and scroll speed. Lift off adjustment can be tweaked here, as well as the polling rate – up to 1000hz.

The X and Y sensitivity can be configured independently if this is important to you.

The DPI can be adjusted up to 8,200 dpi, which is extremely sensitive and way beyond what I would find useful in an everyday situation. Four different settings can be adjusted and saved to the mouse for immediate recall later. The Z button on the mouse can be pushed ‘forward’ and backwards’ on the axis to switch up and down settings without a need to load the software.

Gaming with the Level 10 M mouse was an enjoyable experience and while the open structure of the mouse may seem like a gimmick, we found that the temperature of the hand remained lower than that when paired with a general gaming mouse. The aluminum body also helps to disperse body/hand heat quicker than a standard plastic design so there are some real world benefits from this design.

A setting around 3,200 dpi worked well for me when gaming and when using a three 30 inch screen Windows work system. Any higher than 3,200 dpi seemed a little twitchy to me, but everyone will have a different view on sensitivity settings.

Lowering the resolution to around 2,400 dpi proved very useful in Photoshop and Illustrator when lower sensitivity is desirable, especially when creating Bezier curves for some projects. I configured the mouse for 800 dpi, 1,600 dpi, 2,400 dpi and 3,200 dpi settings. First Person shooter clan gamers may opt for higher settings.

All in all I was impressed with this mouse, it offers many adjustable settings and extremely high sensitivity settings for those split second online reaction games.

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