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Tt eSports Level 10 M Mouse Review

The supplied tool can be used to increase and decrease the height of the mouse by 5mm. This means that a variety of hand shapes and sizes can be easily accommodated.

The tool can also be used on the side of the mouse, to tilt the upper surface right and left. There is a moderate amount of shift offered which can also be useful to cater to a specific hand shape and size.

There are a total of five buttons on the sides of the mouse. which can be adjusted via the software. The Z button can be used to adjust sensitivity and onboard lighting, on the fly. If the side buttons are an annoyance, the software can completely disable them. Just in case you find yourself accidentally pressing them more often than you like.

The top of the mouse has a left and right button, and a scroll wheel in the middle. This is textured for improved grip and one of the best scrollwheels we have used on a mouse. Various sections light up when the mouse is powered on. The DPI sensor is visible on the right mouse button in 1/2/3/4 settings.

The Level 10 M Mouse offers various colour schemes, if the default red colour isn’t appealing.

The mouse cable is long and high quality braided. The USB plug is gold plated and has a cover which is attached to the cable, so it can’t get lost if you travel regularly.

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