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SCUF announces that it is working on a PS5 controller

While each console manufacturer makes 1st party controllers which it deems to be the perfect balance between cost and functionality, 3rd party offerings are able to get much more creative with its designs and features. One of the most well known 3rd party manufacturers, SCUF, has now announced that it is working on its own PS5 controller.

In a recent financial call, the CEO of SCUF’s parent company Corsair revealed that a PS5 version of the SCUF controller is in the works. While no release date was given, they claimed that “We’re obviously working as fast as we can to get out [the] PS5 controller. We haven’t released when that will be, but I suspect we’ll be pretty early in the market compared to any of our competitors.”

3rd party controllers run the gamut in quality, from being cheap alternatives of 1st party offerings, to premium accessories which offer far greater functionality. SCUF controllers have historically taken the 1st party controllers as a base, adding features to it, while still maintaining the feel of a 1st party controller.

The DualSense PS5 controller is one of the most complicated yet, offering high quality haptics and adaptive triggers – to name a few of its new features. It will be interesting to see just how SCUF will alter the design and functionality to work with its company’s own design language – and whether the all important haptics and adaptive triggers will be kept.

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