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Tt eSPORTS VOLOS MOBA and MMORPG Gaming Mouse Review

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Tt eSports ships the mouse in a brightly coloured box with an image of the mouse clearly visible on the front. The back lists several of the mouse’s key features.

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Opening the flap reveals the mouse inside, which is protected by molded plastic.

Inside the box are two Battle Dragon stickers, a quick start guide, a leaflet promoting the Volos mouse, a protective bag and the mouse itself. Instead of the Tt eSports brand name, the design team has chosen to prominently feature the Battle Dragon logo.

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The Battle Dragon logo is clearly visible towards the back of the mouse and is one of the 4 customizable lighting zones. The other zones include the top thumb button, the ring on the left mouse button and the scroll wheel. The DPI settings buttons have clear white markings to visually indicate their purpose.

On the left-hand side we can see the forward thumb buttons in a layout familiar to anyone who has ever seen an Xbox controller. The middle thumb button, serving to switch profiles on the fly, is situated higher on the mouse and has a slightly raised profile to prevent users from accidentally clicking it mid-game. Towards the back are two thumb buttons marked A and B.

The flash emphasises the glossy bezel along the length of the mouse.

IMG_8124 IMG_8125

Moving to the right-hand side we can see the remaining three thumb buttons marked C, D and E.

The mouse buttons have curved edges which your finger can rest against without slipping off.

IMG_8126 IMG_8127

Taking a closer look at the forward thumb buttons on the left-hand side we can see that, although the color scheme and button style is similar to an Xbox controller’s buttons, the buttons have been marked like a Playstation controller. These buttons are very smooth and their raised profile makes it easy to determine which button you are pressing.

The ring on the left mouse button is not completely level with the rest of the mouse button.

The scroll wheel has a soft rubber surface and a texture that is reminiscent of the profile found on tyres.

IMG_8130 IMG_8131

The sensor initially appears to be off-centre, though the asymmetrical shape of the mouse is deceptive in this regard.

The Teflon feet cover nearly the entire outline of the mouse, with only two breaks in the middle section. The feet provide enough clearance to prevent any unwanted friction with a variety of surfaces.

Just left of the sensor we can see the Macro Lock/Unlock button. This button does what it says on the tin and disabled all macro keys when locked, leaving only the scroll wheel, profile button and mouse buttons active.

Removing the weights cover reveals 5 weights, each 4.5 grams, held in place by rubber cut-outs.
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Removing the rubber holder we find two more weights underneath, for a total of 7 weights at 4.5 grams each.

The USB cable has a protective cap at the end and has been completely customised to suit the design of the mouse and Tt eSports brand..

IMG_8117 IMG_8118

The entire USB cable is braided to protect the cable and a velcro band to hold everything together.


To round things out we selected a different colour for each lighting zone and took a low-light photo.

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