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Tt eSPORTS VOLOS MOBA and MMORPG Gaming Mouse Review

Tt eSports does not provide an installation disc with the Volos. Instead, the drivers can be downloaded directly from their website. A direct link is available here.

The installation process is simple and straight forward. We were up and running within a matter of minutes after we plugged the mouse in.

Volos settings normal volos settings normal2

Along the top of the Volos drivers are 10 configurable profiles. These profiles are stored in the Volos’ 4MB of on-board memory, ideal for those who often use different systems.

The main screen provides an overview of the button lay-out and assigned functions. Using the arrows at the bottom left shows the functions assigned to the left-hand side thumb buttons.

Along the top we can also see the Normal and Battle options. Selecting Battle will change the Volos’ lighting effects as it transitions from deep blue to white, and every color in between, based on your mouse activity. Both options also allow for different button assignments, offering a total of 20 different layouts across 10 profiles.

volos settings key assignment volos settings macro

Assigning different functions to the mouse buttons is a simple process. Clicking any of the currently assigned functions brings up a screen where you can define what you want the button to do, ranging from activating a macro to acting as a single click, the desired function and even the option to assign specific keys on the keyboard.

Those who use a lot of macros will be happy to see the process has been kept simple and straightforward. Options include recording delays, editing macros after recording and the option to combine mouse clicks and key presses.

volos lighting volos settings performance

Keeping in line with the rest of the drivers, setting up the different lighting zones is done with a few clicks for each independent zone.

Selecting the Performance option allows users to change the DPI settings for each of the 5 levels, the polling rate and lift-off control.

volos osd volos osd2

Finally, Tt eSports has chosen to use an On-Screen Display notification method when changing the mouse mode, DPI level and when changing profiles.

To test the Tt eSports Volos we left the settings at their default and extensively played several games, as well as using Adobe Photoshop over the course of several days.

At no point during our testing did we notice any angle correction or input lag. Tracking performance was excellent and the mouse always correctly registered our movements.

We played several MMO’s such as World of Warcraft and Neverwinter Online , as well as League of Legends and several rounds of Dota 2. It took several days to get fully accustomed to the forward thumb buttons, but once they became a part of our routines we found them to work very well. The buttons require very little force to use but their raised profile helps to prevent accidental clicks.

In terms of different grips we found the mouse to work best with a palm grip, rather than a claw grip, in order to fully use the forward thumb buttons. As the mouse is considerably bigger than the average mouse, on par with the SteelSeries Sensei and similar mice, users with smaller hands might not be able to fully utilize everything the Volos has to offer.

The rubber coating works very well in combination with the curved edges on the mouse buttons, offering a solid grip on the mouse at all times. The textured rubber finish on the sides of the mouse are not as smooth, which helps to prevent your thumb or little finger from trailing down the sides.

The travel distance on the scroll wheel, when used as as a mouse button, is very low but offers enough resistance to prevent accidental clicks whilst giving quick access to any functions bound to it. The soft textured rubber surface also makes it easy to control scroll distance.

The location of the DPI button remains contentious. We feel that placing a button which offers such a useful feature should be placed in a more convenient location, rather than the middle of a mouse. As it is, the DPI button will require users to move their hands slightly back, meaning you cannot keep clicking in-game. As we said before, we hope manufacturers will follow in Logitech’s footsteps with their placement of the DPI buttons on the G500.

Although Tt eSports has chosen to make the DPI settings buttons bigger than average, they are still in an awkward position. I personally found the mouse to be much more comfortable after I re-assigned the DPI settings buttons to the A and B buttons on the left-hand side, allowing me to switch DPI levels with my thumb.

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