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Netgear launches Orbi Pro for businesses

In KitGuru's recent Ultimate Mesh WiFi Router Test, Netgear's Orbi came out head and shoulders above the competition. Having suffered terrible WiFi in hotels, convention centres and lounges across the globe – KitGuru has long wondered why more businesses don't switch to a powerful, flexible mesh implementation. Now there's no excuse.

We got together with Netgear's marketing guru, Danny Ullrich, who told us that “In terms of raw performance and underlying technology, these Orbi Pro units are the same as the RBK50”, which is at the top end of Netgear's current mesh WiFi range for the consumer market.

“The biggest difference”, said Danny. “Is that Orbi Pro offers three separate SSIDs”.

“Businesses can use one SSDI for the public-facing part of their business, a second one for admin and the third can be reserved for private matters”, he explained. “The software included can also restrict access times so, for example, if you install Orbi Pro in a bar – then you can cut off the public facing WiFi outside office hours”.

The product has launched today, 31st August, and should be in-store around the start of October.

The addition of a wall mounting system, captive portal technology and time controls is likely to add around €100 to the price of a standard ORBI. The recommended kit will include a pair of ORBIs and retail around £429 and a third unit can be added for £249.

KitGuru Says: Netgear continues to expand its offer.  We were impressed with the previous Orbi units, so it will be interesting to see how Orbi Pro fares in the business realm. 

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