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Philips Moda Slim 245C7QJSB Designer Monitor (Ultra Wide-Color technology) Review

Rating: 7.0.

Since displays have moved on from the great, big, hulking boxes of plastic and glass they used to be in the CRT days, there is one trend that has been fairly constant: an increased drive to become ever thinner. Plasma was thinner than CRT by a very dramatic margin. CCFL-backlit LCDs made plasma displays look obese before they were, in their turn, superseded by slimmer LED-backlit LCDs. Then OLED came along and showed how thin a display could really be. But with its aptly-named Moda Slim 245C7QJSB, Philips aims to demonstrate that LCD can still impress in the supermodel stakes.

Quite simply, this 24in designer display is the skinniest PC monitor we have ever seen. Not just the chassis but the top and side bezels too are super slinky. Most of the back is finished in a mirror-sheen metal that feels nicely solid and cool to the touch, while the stand is a solid hunk of metal that you could use as a self-defence weapon – if it was detachable, that is.

However, Philips doesn’t just rely on a premium look and feel for the 245C7QJSB’s appeal. Adding a little metaphorical depth, this panel also offers the brand’s Ultra Wide-Color technology, which expands the monitor’s colour gamut significantly – up to an impressive 93% of DCI-P3 (or 127% of the limited sRGB space) – but more on that in the Analysis section.

Aside from this, the Moda Slim 245C7QJSB is a fairly average IPS display where specs are concerned, offering a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, 60Hz refresh rate without any adaptive sync, and no curvature or height adjustable stand. It also doesn’t offer extras such as HDR support.

But then, for many potential users these kind of features are completely surplus to requirements, and they would rather have a great-looking general purpose display that performs well without breaking the bank. So let’s see if this Philips is the screen to scratch that itch.

Philips Moda Slim 245C7QJSB Specs

  • Screen size: 23.8 inch/60.5 cm
  • Native resolution: 1920 x 1080 (92PPI)
  • Refresh rate (Hz): 60
  • Panel type: IPS
  • Contrast ratio (typical): 1000:1
  • Brightness (cd/m²): 250
  • Response time (ms): 5 (Grey-to-Grey)
  • Bezel (colour, finish): Black, matte
  • Display inputs: 1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, VGA (analogue)
  • Audio inputs: Headphone jack
  • Speakers: No
  • USB hub: No
  • Tilt: Yes
  • Height: No
  • Swivel: No
  • Pivot: No
  • Power (plug type, internal/external): Kettle, external
  • Depth on desk: ~19cm
  • Weight: 5.30kg
  • Other: Lit Philips logo below bottom bezel

Price (retail): £179.99 inc. VAT at time of review

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