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New Riot Games API released

Riot Games has announced the release of its new API in beta form, meaning anyone with a bit of coding knowledge can now make much more interesting apps and tools to help users play the game. In the past this has been limited to simple functions like manual reset timers for dragon and baron, but now they could get a bit more interesting.

In order to gain access to the full thing however, you'll need to show Riot your proof of concept by making it with the demo version of the API. If Riot then likes what you've done, it'll give you the whole hog and presumably a well intended smack on the ass too. A few select developers will receive the full API right off the bat, but that number is selective.


In the developer section of the site, there's information to make use of should you so wish, such as server performance and reliability charts, that currently show everything running almost perfectly – apart from a three per cent drop in performance on the NA server yesterday.

If you're not quite sure where to begin, but want to give things a shot, you can still sign up for the demo API with your standard LoL account and there's even a getting started guide to help you on your way. Riot highlights a few core principles of app development, including the fact that every API key is limited to five requests of Riot's servers every ten seconds.

KitGuru Says: Any budding developers out there got a good idea for an app that might make your games a little easier? [Cheers PCgamesN]

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