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Yogsventures dev confused over what happened to Kickstarter funds

The Yogsventures game cancellation has caused quite the controversy. The project was mismanaged right from the start, Winterkewl Games wasted $35,000 on an artist’s two weeks of work and Yogscast itself hasn’t been able to account for the $150,000 it received once the Kickstarter was over.

Yogscast has denied that it just took the money for itself and said that it was put aside for the physical Kickstarter rewards, which haven’t been sent out to any backers. Winterkewl Games doesn’t have any answers either as it is “as confused as anyone else” when it comes to where the money went.


Winterkewl Games founder, Kris Vale, said:

“The Yogscast maintain that the remaining funds they received were used to pay for the things they did for marketing of the game. They did pay for the E3 booth, (although we paid for all the decorations and rentals of all the equipment, etc.) and they did spend time and effort making and publishing the Kickstarter videos,” he said. “But honestly, we’re just as confused as everyone else where the rest of the funds went.”

Yogscast has yet to respond to any inquiries or make an official statement on the matter but answers are expected to come soon.

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KitGuru Says: Yogventures is the latest Kickstarter casualty and nobody knows who to blame. Was it Yogscast’s fault? Was it WinterKewl’s fault? Both companies need to get together and give backers the full story as leaving the rumor mill spinning isn’t going to help either company. 

Source: PCG

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  • SomeGuy

    They took it, thats what the yogscast do. I wouldn’t be expecting anything back.
    They seem nice in their videos (abet a little childish), but behind the scenes they just want to make money.

  • Lanka

    Everybody wants to make money..
    In this case, imho, new game company hopped on the kickstarter&MC hype, made a deal with Yogscast for their youtube publicity&young audience – and as both sides are new to the industry promised more than they could deliver. Add mismanagement and stir well..

  • Porkalicious

    that’s sounds more like an opinion and baseless accusation rather than facts, mate. Everyone wants to make money in life, yogscast included since they are a videoediting business. Besides, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to steal money from something when they are so exposed from all angles.

  • Tralalaaa

    This is a recurring thing. Kickstarter is a cancer. Its just needs to be removed before it ruins all. Or it needs to be highly regulated. More transparency. The money needs to have a direct path to where its going and let everyone see that it was spent there. This “I dont know, im just as confused” bullshit cant fly anymore. We want to see right where OUR money is going, not just into their pockets with some promises and a smile.

  • Testius

    if only people would argue where the whole nation’s money go (f.e. military/wars, experimental/scientific resources… etc)….
    I don’t know either the project or the companies but they are more popular than politicians.

  • SomeGuy

    Well they managed it didn’t they…