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Xebec Tech HTPC Mini Wireless Keyboard Review

The HTPC keyboard is supplied in quite a small box which is pretty flimsy in construction.  The keyboard is well protected inside, though, as it is suspended within a vacuum-formed plastic tray which should protect it from the knocks and bumps of negligent couriers.

Despite feeling a little poor quality, the packaging is quite attractive aesthetically, carrying a simple but effective orange and white colour scheme.  The front of the box features a large image of the keyboard contained within whilst turning the box over reveals a list of features and specifications alongside another small product image.

Inside the box we find a limited selection of bundled items which consists of a very concise installation guide, a minute RF receiver and a pair of AAA batteries.  Unlike the larger iTouchpad Diamond that we reviewed a while back, the HTPC keyboard doesn’t feature rechargeable batteries so these must be replaced when they run out.

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