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3 Reasons Sleeping With Gadgets Is Dangerous

Getting a new electronic gadget is exciting, but there’s a reason you shouldn’t be fanatical and sleep with it at night. Whether it’s a laptop, game console, smartphone, or an MP3 player, they don’t belong in your bed. Here are several reasons why: You might text someone in your sleep …

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Is Tech Confusing for you? 3 Hacks for Easier Adoption

Technological advancement has exploded in the past 30 years. In the past decade, we’ve gone from the buggy, inefficient first incarnations of smartphones to sleek, practical devices in almost every adult’s pocket in the United States. Apple’s trademarked tagline, “there’s an app for that,” seems to apply literally to almost …

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What tech are you hoping to get for Christmas?


With Christmas nearly upon us and the KitGuru community full of nerds, geeks and lovable enthusiasts, there will no doubt be a lot of games and a lot of tech coming down the chimney in the next few days. The question is, what are you all hoping will show up? …

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Need a DIY Christmas idea? How about Netflix socks

Although it's usually easier to buy someone a Christmas present with money you've already earned, for those that would rather give the gift of effort and smart-technology, Netflix has put a guide online on to make a pair of socks with a special ability. They keep your feet warm of course, but …

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Apple’s profits break all records for all companies ever

If you thought Apple was rich before, having the biggest, most financially settled company in the world, think again, as this year has eclipsed all others that came before it. In-fact it's eclipsed every single company's most profitable year ever, netting the fruity firm a staggering $53.4 billion (£35 billion). …

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Samsung wants to turn your home smart for £200

Smart homes with connected features and digital controls are something we've all been promised for decades, but it always seemed like something that needed to be built into the house during construction. Of course in a world of wireless internet and applications, that's no longer the case and Samsung wants …

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Gigabyte Tech Tour 2013 lands in London

Gigabyte is one of the oldest and most famous technology brands, with a huge fan base and reputation for challenging at the top end of the market for mainboards, graphic cards etc. With multiple new sexy product lines launching, Gigabyte HQ sent a team of presenters over to tell the …

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Cyberdog delivers last minute tech shopping options

Anyone who's seen Fritz Lang's Metropolis will recognise the HUGE statues guarding the entrance to Cyberdog in London's Camden market. Inside, you have a store that stretches across 3 floors, with a total shopping space that must be close to a football pitch. Alongside the pounding house, you'll find a …

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Orange OPC Review

There are a large number of companies in the UK who would be willing to build a PC to your own specification providing you're willing to put up enough cash.  There isn't a whole lot which differentiates these PCs from each other, though, as you're usually restricted to the same …

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