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Cyberdog delivers last minute tech shopping options

Anyone who’s seen Fritz Lang’s Metropolis will recognise the HUGE statues guarding the entrance to Cyberdog in London’s Camden market. Inside, you have a store that stretches across 3 floors, with a total shopping space that must be close to a football pitch. Alongside the pounding house, you’ll find a ton of really cool techie stuff. KitGuru risks permanent ear damage and joins in the tribal gathering.

It’s hard to know why any store puts one set of product onto its shelves, but seems to have a different offering online.

Cyberdog has been going for many, many years. In the beginning, it was in a ‘tunnel’ deep inside the old Camden market, but – after the complete redesign a few years back – the owners decided to ‘go for it’ with the huge rent and rates.

The new store is a monument to all things trance and it draws in such crowds, that it needs bouncers and queue controls. There are literally days when you get told, “Sorry, you’ll need to wait for some people to leave before you can go in”.

So what will you find inside?

On the ground floor, the place is full of ‘impulse buys’ like transparent rubber balls that, when you bounce them, set off multi-coloured LEDs within. There’s also a big selection of contact lenses, so you can look like a zombie, witch or snake in an instant. Dancing above you will be a couple of ‘we love this music’ trance girls in cages. Seriously, you need to see it to believe it.

Down the escalator and you’re into the main store, which has everything from jewellery to headphones to clothing with screens built into the chest that flash messages in the dark. You can then go down one more floor into the ‘Over 18s only’ section, which sell the kind of kit you’d expect to find at Anti-Christ or in the pages of a 50-shader book.

Back to the main floor.

In one corner, the entire section is dedicated to all things electronic. For some reason, the really cool stuff doesn’t seem to be on the Cyberdog web site, but it is, as we said, very cool.

There’s no photography allowed inside, but one of our operatives managed to sneak out a shot of some clocks and lights that have been fabricated from old PCBs (Printer Circuit Boards). If you’re in the market [Groan – Ed] for a gift – and your intended recipient love a bit of Ye Olde Tech – then check out Cyberdog. Nearest station is the Northern Line.

Pass by the MONSTER statues guarding the door and, down in the bowels of CyberDog, check out the cool electronics stuff. No photos allowed, so our operative could only grab one shot.

KitGuru says: Everything in Camden will be open, right up to the last minute, including Cyberdog. If you have some spare cash, are near London and tech-loving friends to buy gifts for, you know where to go.

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