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Rivet Networks unveils Killer E2400 network processor

Rivet Networks on Wednesday introduced its new-generation smart network processor with enhanced performance and improved functionality. The new Killer E2400 chip promises to improve network-related performance in video games, multimedia and bandwidth-demanding applications. Gigabyte Technology and MicroStar International will be the first companies to use the new chip.

Rivet does not reveal a lot of details about the new Killer E2400 controller, but implies that it has a considerably higher performance engine that offloads all tasks associated with protocol processing from the central processing unit and enables a number of new features. Keeping in mind that the amount of Internet traffic has increased in the recent years and typical size of data packet also got larger enhanced performance of the Killer’s E2400 should be useful.


The new hardware and software behind the Killer E2400 enables three key improvements that the new network processor offers, including:

  • Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 – can automatically classify and prioritize network traffic for online games, HD video and specific websites for better quality and fewer interruptions;
  • Lag and Latency Reduction technology – designed to improve online gaming and HD video performance. According to Rivet, the Killer E2400 provides up to 50 per cent lower latency thatn competing network processors when running one application and is up to 10 times faster when multitasking;
  • Visual Bandwidth Control – determines, which applications and websites are dominating bandwidth and provides users the control to optimize performance by adjusting priorities and setting bandwidth limits so that low priority traffic does not affect multimedia applications or favorite websites. Users can set up to six priority levels for different types of applications.


The Killer E2400 intelligent Gigabit Ethernet controller can be paired with another E2400 chip using Killer DoubleShot Pro technology as well as with the Killer Wireless-AC 2×2 Wi-Fi 802.11ac solution with up to 2.867Gb/s maximum bandwidth and MU-MIMO tech using DoubleShot-X3 Pro.

The first mainboards featuring the Killer E2400 chips are available from Gigabyte and MSI. The platforms are based on the Intel Z170 and the Intel X99 core-logic sets. Gigabyte offers the Killer E2400 network processor on its Z170X-Gaming 7, Z170X-Gaming GT and the new top-of-line Z170X-Gaming G1 motherboard. MSI offers the E2400 on multiple Z170 motherboards, including the Z170A Gaming M9 ACK with Killer DoubleShot Pro as well as on the MSI X99A Godlike Gaming.

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KitGuru Says: Although dedicated network processors nowadays barely offer considerably better performance than typical Gigabit Ethernet controllers, it is nice to see that Rivet Networks continues to perfect its Killer network chips. At the end, hardware acceleration, enhanced control and intelligent management are better than the lack of them.

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