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ASUS RP-AC52 Dual Band Wireless AC750 Range Extender Review

Asus has chosen to incorporate the RP-AC52 into a plug form factor, in a similar fashion to a number of other equivalent products on the market.  This is our preferred form factor for a wireless range extender as it much more compact and convenient than standalone devices.


Despite its boxy form, the RP-AC52 is quite attractive to look at.  The outer plate is finished in gloss-white plastic with an inlaid criss-cross pattern.  Along the bottom edge of the front plate there is a series of indicator lights which display the signal strength on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.


Moving round to the left hand side of the unit, we find the power button and a WPS button. This WPS button enables a very simple setup procedure, instantly connecting it to your main router.


On the other side of the unit we find an RJ-45 Ethernet jack which enables the access point mode.  This lets you create a personal wireless hotspot from a wired internet connection.


There is also a 3.5mm audio jack on this side of the unit which lets you use the RP-AC52 for music streaming.  Using the Asus AiPlayer app it is possible to stream music to the RP-AC52 from both Android and iOS devices as well as PCs.  This also incorporates a multi-room feature which means that you can stream music to multiple RP-AC52s in different rooms.


Should the WPS installation method not work for you, there is another fairly straightforward method of configuring the RP-AC52.  This simply requires you to connect to the units Wi-Fi network, open up a local URL in the browser (http://repeater.asus.com) and then follow the installation process.  This has three steps, firstly requiring us to select the network(s) we want to extend.

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Then you can adjust the SSID and Security Keys of the extended network, before confirming the settings in the third stage.

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