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Bitcasa want you to throw away your hard drives

The Bitcasa service is gunning for Dropbox. They are offering an unlimited ‘virtual storage’ option across all your computers and devices. The service works like a hard drive except the storage capacity is ‘unlimited’. The company say the service appears like a normal hard drive icon and media can be streamed across the Bitcasa cloud.

As well as their unlimited storage, the service also is encrypted before it leaves the computer or device, meaning that no one else can get access to your sensitive files, not even the Bitcasa team.

The Bitcasa service launches in the UK today for £7 a month or £69 a year.
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Tony Gauda, the CEO and co founder of Bitcasa said “Instead of having a hard drive, imagine if you could install software that acts as a virtual hard drive but literally never runs out of space, and you can instantly access and share that content on any device you own. This is Bitcasa.”

By 2016, the average household will increase its digital content from 464 gigabytes to 3.3 terabytes.[1] Bitcasa is solving this capacity challenge with its Infinite Drive, which provides no limits when it comes to keeping your precious content safe and secure, including family photos and videos, work documents or your entire media library–gigabytes no longer matter.
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Bitcasa infinite storage is available on iOSAndroidMac desktopWindows Desktop,Windows RT and the Web.

Tony added, “With the addition of international languages and currency, as well as a beautiful new mobile design we are redefining the storage experience for consumers around the world.”

Since its US beta launch in 2011, Bitcasa’s global user base has been growing steadily — 30 percent of its users are already based in Europe, with 5 percent of those in the U.K.  To support the European market, Bitcasa has also added a data centre in Ireland to ensure fast file upload and streaming performance. Also, to read about the new mobile and performances updates click here.

Bitcasa list the following as key for their services.

Bitcasa is designed to meet all your future storage needs. The Infinite Drive solves the real-world problems of storage shortage, data loss, and trapped user files:

1.       Infinite Storage:  Users will never run out of space no matter how many photos, songs or films they have. Users can also reclaim space on their devices by moving big files off to Bitcasa.

2.       Vault Security:  With client-side encryption, all files are encrypted before it leaves the PC. Not even the Bitcasa team can view user files – it is bank-grade security and ultimate privacy.

3.       Fast Sharing: Sharing files has never been faster. With a simple ‘Send to Friend’ web link, recipients can click to start streaming any song or video, or view entire photo albums of any size – gigabytes simply no longer matter.

4.       Time Machine Back-up: Automatic back-up requires no effort on your part and ensures all your files are protected and have time-machine versioning.

5.       Simple Mobile Streaming: Files are no longer trapped on user devices. All files can be accessed on any device via a browser or Bitcasa app. Pick your song or video, and it is instantly streamed to your mobile device. That is the future of storage, simplified.

To celebrate the launch in Europe, Bitcasa will be offering a special 20-percent discount of £55/€60 for a year of Infinite Storage. This special introductory price will be available through August 31, 2013 when users enter the promotional code: UKEU20.

Kitguru says: If you use it, do let us know what you think. A Dropbox beater?

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