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Synology DS1513+ NAS Review

The Synology DS1513+ ships in a brown box with some Synology branding, protected by styro foam.

The DS1513+ has a black metal shell with status LEDs on the front. The single button on the NAS serves to boot, reboot and shut down the system. The plastic caddies are clearly visible.


Moving to the back of the NAS we can see the two 80mm fans, 4 ethernet ports, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports and eSATA ports.

IMG_8210 IMG_8221

Removing one of the fans reveals that Synology has chosen to use two 80mm Y.S. Tech fans. These are rated to provide 30.7 CFM at 2900 rpm with a maximum noise level of 29 dbA. These fans can also be replaced if needed.

A closer look inside the NAS shows the SATA connectors along the back with the fans aligned to draw air across all bays. On the left-hand side we can see the motherboard’s heatsinks.

IMG_8226 IMG_8227

Removing a handful of screws at the back of the NAS allows access to the system’s internals. Above we can see Synology has chosen a fanless design for the motherboard. The 2GB DDR3 memory module is visible at the top right. Synology has chosen to use Hynix memory in this system.

Flipping the motherboard over we can see the additional memory bank. The motherboard is installed with this side facing outwards, making it easy to install additional memory without removing the motherboard.


On the other side of the case we find the 200W Delta Electronics power supply. In order to minimise noise emissions the power supply uses a thick fan design. The cables have been routed along the top and bottom of the case to prevent any obstructions when inserting hard drives.

IMG_8211 IMG_8213

To take a caddy out we press the top of the front plate and simply slide the caddy out.

The caddies have clips on the side which will keep 3.5″ drives in place. Solid State Drives can be mounted directly onto the cage with the screws provided in the box.

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