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Synology DS1513+ NAS Review

A local service provider was kind enough to provide us with a Cisco 500 Series Stackable Managed Switch for this review.

We used NetTools to send the DS 1513+ an average of 30 requests per minute to simulate the internal traffic of a small office. We then proceeded to transfer a 5GB file from and to our shared Test Files folder whilst simultaneously accessing the system from two other machines. The NAS was configured to use Synology Hybrid Raid which allows us to use a 120GB hard drive and 128GB hard drive in a raid configuration.

File Reading

Averaging 101.4MB/s, the DS 1513+ comes close to the 112.42MB/s quoted by Synology.

File Writing

Synology quotes write speeds up to 108.10MB/s. The DS 1513+ delivered solid performance with 96.8MB/s.

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