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Virgin Media give 100mbit customers upgrade and reduce cost

Virgin Media offer some of the United Kingdom’s fastest broadband services but as we have reported in the past, their services have received a lot of complaints from unhappy customers. In July last year they trialed a 1.5Gbps broadband service but it did nothing to stop tens of thousands of customers leaving to look for a better overall service.

For those people who are currently using their 100Mb broadband service they are offering a free upgrade to 120Mb. Not only that but they are lowering the cost of the package in April to match the price of their 50Mb Broadband XXL package.

Good news, but is the service any better?

In an email they sent out to customers yesterday they said:

Good news – we’re giving you even faster broadband, for less.

You’re already getting the UK’s fastest widely available broadband, and starting this summer we’ll be starting the roll-out to boost your speeds from up to 100Mb to up to 120Mb. We’ll also be lowering the price of your broadband package in April to match the price of our 50Mb Broadband XXL packages.

These are nice extras we do to make you smile. We call them Virgin Media tickles, and we only give them to people we know and like – our customers.

Our ongoing commitment to offering the UK’s fastest broadband.

Virgin Media offers the fastest broadband speeds in the UK*, as proven by Ofcom for three years in a row. And we’re committed to keeping it this way. Which is why we’re upgrading our award winning fibre optic network over the next 18 months.

As part of this upgrade, you may have seen we’ll be doubling many of our customers’ broadband speeds. But, because you already get our fastest broadband, we’re upgrading you to up to 120Mb and giving you a discount instead.

So whether you love streaming HD movies, ruling the gaming world or downloading tunes in super quick time – you’ll soon be able to do it even faster and for less.

You don’t have to lift a finger.

The 120Mb upgrade kick off in the summer and will have a slightly different roll-out schedule to our other work. We’ll let you know nearer the time when to expect your broadband speed boost. In the meantime, see what you can do with faster speeds at virginmedia.com/evenfaster.

We’ll be in touch in a few weeks with more details about your price reduction, so there’s no need to call us, or do a thing – except keep enjoying what is already the UK’s fastest broadband. ”

Kitguru says: So are Virgin finally listening? have they lifted the evening caps on their services? Has their ‘up to’ speeds improved in the evenings and at the weekends. Let us know, but from what we hear, they still appear to be oversubscribed and customers are filling online forums with complaints.

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