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Asus WL-330N3G 6 in 1 Wireless-N Router Review

The Asus WL-330N3G 6 in 1 Wireless N Router arrives in a plain black box with the product visible behind a plastic protective cover.

Inside, the bundle is surprisingly comprehensive. There is a power adapter, USB power cable (micro USB to 2 USB), ethernet cable (Cat 5e), and a really useful carrying case. Asus are covering all bases and we particularly like the option for taking power direct from the computer, which will prove invaluable in some remote situations.

The device itself is really tiny and is very easy to carry around. It can easily fit into a trouser or coat pocket. The device is cream/white with a four button LED readout top left, across from the ASUS brand name. There is a WPS button underneath which is used during the setup phase.

At the front of the device there is a full sized USB port which is used for direct connection to a 3G USB modem. There is a restore button on the reverse side.

Underneath is a sticker which highlights the default IP address and login information. This login information is wrong. It is ‘admin’ for both not ‘asus’ as listed on the sticker. We can’t believe Asus missed this before sending the units to final production.

The images above depict the size of the product, barely much bigger than the 3G modem we use when we are on the move.

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