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Asus WL-330N3G 6 in 1 Wireless-N Router Review

The Asus travel router has an admin interface which is accessed via a browser IP address.

Asus supply some software with the WL-330N3G which is installed in a couple of minutes.

The Software hand holds through some menu systems to help the user set the device up. We had some problems getting this to even detect the device, but we found that it didn’t really matter.

The device was detected by Windows 7 and it appeared in the connections menu.

If you read the back of the device it claims that the login should be ‘asus’ and ‘asus’. This is actually incorrect it is ‘admin’ and ‘admin’ (a complete guess on my part as a long term netgear user). Very surprising to see such a silly mistake being made from Asus.

Connecting takes only a few seconds as seen above.

When first connected, the router pops up a ‘wizard’ menu system to help direct the user to the right menu.

The first panel, called ‘Router’ allows adjustment of settings for PPoE, Automatic IP, or Static IP. The Asus router will provide the signal, firewall, NAT and IP sharing functions to clients in a local area network.

The router can also act as an Access Point. This mode disables the NAT, firewall and IP sharing functions.

We love the option of being able to use the WL-330N3G as a repeater, to extend the wireless network coverage. This can be used in the home in this mode to extend and strengthen a signal, then used in one of the other modes when on the move.

The Ethernet Adapter mode allows the user to connect to any Ethernet capable devices wirelessly.

Hotspot mode allows Wifi devices to share Internet access, such as an Xbox 360. Very useful in certain situations.

A 3G USB modem can be connected to the Asus Router so it can act as a mobile router for multiple devices. This is easy to set up and only took a few minutes.

The advanced settings give complete control over many of the internal configuration parameters, although many people will never even need to access this panel for general use.

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