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Buffalo Terastation Duo TS-WXL Review

Rating: 8.0.

Kitguru reviewed the LinkStation Duo last month and it left our offices with a positive review, especially as the pricing was so competitive. Today we look at a more expensive model in their range – the Terastation Duo WXL.

The Terastation Duo is aptly named, as it supports a dual hard drive configuration with RAID 0 and RAID 1 hot drive support. Additionally if a drive does fail it will automatically power it down for safe removal and replacement. There is also a nifty replication function which allows the connection of a second Terastation Duo via the USB or LAN port to replicate the data for further peace of mind, offering fault tolerance. There is AES-128 data encryption, Jumbo frame support and you can trunk the dual ethernet ports for added performance.

This particular product is aimed higher up the market than the Linkstation Duo … at home office users, or small to medium businesses who need large, easy to install, redundant network attached storage. Today we are going to not only measure performance but to analyse additional software that Buffalo fully support.


•High Speed Data Transfer Up to 69MB/s
•Real time Back-up Replication Function – allows you to have a mirrored unit as a spare
•Replace faulty hard drives with the Hot Swap functionality without powering down
•Schedule Power Management System – for flexible power management, save up to 66%, reduce CO2 omissions
•WebAccess – remotely access the TeraStation Duo from anywhere via PC, Mac or iPhone
• Resilient: Replace faulty hard drives with the Hot Swap functionality without powering down
• Reliable: Backup Replication Function allows for reliability with fast recovery from hard drive failures
• Mirroring – a failover mechanism provides reliability for uninterrupted operation
• Quick Swap hard drive tray via the easy to remove, front panel
• Configure back-up and restore by attaching a second TeraStation via the LAN or USB port
• Airflow: A controlled fan with a thermal sensor, with a high cooling capacity chassis
• Disk Encryption: automatically encrypt the data to level AES 128 bits
• Quota Management- prevent misuse of disk space by allocating the right amount of space by user
• Supports NFS – can be mapped from UNIX so that a wide range of users can access the drives
• Back-up data held on attached USB hard drives via the USB ports can be read on Windows based PCs
• Active Directory Support – Simplify the management of each TeraStation
• Schedule Power Management System – for flexible power management, save up to 66%, reduce CO2 omissions
• Automatically turns on and shuts down with PC
• PC Interlocking Power Management System – for effortless power saving
• Hard Drive Spin Down while idle
• Connectivity: Dual Ethernet for port trunking
• Supports Apple Time Machine – Back-up multiple Mac computers
• WebAccess – remotely access the TeraStation Duo from anywhere via PC, Mac or iPhone
• Dual USB for greater flexibility
• In-built DLNA Media Server
• In-built BitTorrent Client
• In-built Print Server
• LCD Status Display and intuitive web interface
• UPS Support
• Includes NovaBACKUP® Business Essentials with 10 licenses – protects data on servers locally or online.  Regardless of theft, user error or hardware failure NovaBACKUP® protects and restores your data.

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  • Tech Head

    My friend bought this last week for work, and its very good, it can get a bit congested under a lot of accessing but the value for money factor is high.

  • Tim

    Seems like a good product, but I would like slightly more performance out of it, then again 2.0TB for just over 300 including the unit is very good value for money.

  • Mikeal

    I like Buffalo, they are big here, easy to buy, offer good support and are well priced. I agree they dont seem to be the fastest for NAS, but the price is too good to ignore.

  • Roger Ticklestick

    Do they sell high end units to compete with QNAP?

  • Jeff

    The 710+ Synology seems better, but its quite a bit more expensive. If you have two hard drives at home though it would be my first choice. its smaller too.

  • Garry

    Buffalo are often in PC WORLD here and they seem well priced, although ive noticed PCWORLD overcharge when you look online at prices. Good NAS systems, very well made.

  • Stefan

    That 2.0TB seems well worth the £30 more.

  • Death Dealer

    2.0TB is a great price. I think the naked drives are just under £100, so its making the unit around £220. pretty good considering the PSU and motherboard etc.

  • Rammstein

    This is ideal for me, im not a guy who copies over massive files, but id like a backup system with software that seems good and that free addition of the backup software seems very good, its worth about £30-50

  • Black horse

    very nice package and it looks like its built out of heavy duty metal, very good product. Shame about the performance, but the price is whats its all about at the end of the day.

  • Hazrig

    Their software is normally quite slow running, is this one any faster?

  • Hazrig, yes the CPU in this one is much more responsive, its quite nippy. even formatting is faster