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Sky Sports Premier League now has a commentary chat bot


Football fan app-maker, GameOn, has announced a partnership with Sky Sports, to bring an interactive chat and commentary bot to a number of social networking messaging platforms. Able to understand natural language requests from users, GameOn’s bot can provide commentary on ongoing games, answer questions and can provide news and …

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Nvidia has launched a new AI focused podcast

Nvidia might be most well known for its graphics cards, but it has its fingers in lots of pies, from autonomous vehicles, to virtual reality. One area it’s also delving into is deep learning and AI development and to discuss some of its efforts, as well as the wider industry, …

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Nvidia GPUs are helping make sports more data driven


As anyone who’s watched Moneyball or listened to game commentators for five minutes knows, statistical analysis is a huge part of professional sports and AI driven analytics have become a major component of that in recent years. Nvidia is looking to take it to the next level though, with GPU …

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AI could help stop the next Gordon Gecko


I’m not going to pretend to know much about the stock market or share trading, but what I can do is reference ’80s movies and tell you that the big bad guys from those Wall Street film productions may become a thing of the past, in the future. Thanks to …

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Science committee wants new AI Commission to monitor industry


The British Science and Technology Committee, a cross-section of MPs that monitors the technology and science industries, has called for the creation of a new commission, who’s sole job is to monitor the development of artificial intelligence (AI). It could encourage development of useful AIs, while creating best practices to avoid …

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‘Arnold’ is the true king of Doom bots

Using a similar technique to Google when it taught its Deepmind network to play Atari games, two researchers from Carnegie Mellon university have created a self-taught Doom bot which became the most efficient killer at a recent competition. Known affectionately as Arnold, the bot placed second in the end, though it …

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Musk claims new Tesla autopilot could have prevented death


Tesla’s CEO and founder, Elon Musk, has said of the company’s latest autopilot software update, that with the on board radar now utilised as a major sensor rather than a complimentary one, it’s very possible that the recent in-car fatality of a Tesla customer could have been prevented. The incident …

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Chatbot lawyer could help homeless next


The Do Not Pay bot is being reconfigured and reborn as a new friend of the homeless. The legal aide could help those currently without a home apply for emergency accommodation with their local council and may even put them in touch with relevant charities in the future. Do Not Pay …

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Google used DeepMind AI to save on its electricity bill


Google’s DeepMind acquisition is already paying off as recently, the search engine giant used its DeepMind AI to cut down the company’s data centre electricity bill. According to DeepMind Co-Founder, Demis Hassabis, the AI was recently put in control of parts of data centres to reduce overall power consumption by …

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AP now using AI to cover minor sporting events

Sports journalists the world over are looking over their shoulders more and more, as robotic journalists are being roped in to expand coverage to other sporting events. The Associated Press has now begun using algorithms to write up reports for Minor League baseball games, using data provided by Major League …

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Twitter may soon be able to clean up crappy videos

Twitter might have helped push the livestreaming model forward with its Periscope platform, but it’s brought us more vertical, shaky video than perhaps any source gone before. That may change in the future though, as it’s just acquired a London start up which could help clean up terrible quality footage …

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Google has an AI processor and it already works well

The development of ever smarter artificial intelligences is going to be a major component of high-tier tech firms over the next few years, but Google looks to have the jump on most of them. It’s developed its own AI processor, specifically designed for high-operational tasks and it’s been testing its …

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Microsoft may reveal more AI bots today

While Microsoft’s most recent bot, Tay, may have faced its share of issues after turning racist following its interactions with the Internet, the company may not have been deterred just yet as reports indicate that Microsoft might be revealing more AI bots later today at the annual Build developers conference. …

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The machines are winning: AI beats master at Go

A computer algorithm put together by Google’s DeepMind engineers, has managed to beat a human champion of the ancient game of Go. This is the first time in history that an AI was able to defeat a person without a severe handicap. Although it still has to face a world champion, …

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