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Germany continues to champion encryption as others decry it

Along with a push for legislation like TTIP and TPP, British and American governments have all but declared a brand new ‘war’ against encryption. They’ve both made efforts to paint the technology as a tool for terrorists and a serious security threat to all nations, as well as pushing for …

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Angela Merkel and Obama cool spying tension

In 2013, the United States riled up a lot of people, as Edward Snowden released a bevy of classified NSA documents to the press, which revealed the extent of the spying perpetrated by the NSA and its international contemporaries. However one person it really angered was German chancellor, Angela Merkel, …

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Angela Merkel wants a European internet

German chancellor Angela Merkel has a good reason to be sceptical of the US intelligence agencies and the NSA in particular, as it was discovered that despite both the US and Germany being allied nations, her phone was tapped. Since then she’s called for large reforms to US data gathering, …

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More and more Germans want to give Snowden asylum

Following on from revelations that the US’ NSA had been tapping the phone of German chancellor, Angela Merkel for over a decade, a growing number of politicians and influential people in Germany have been calling for the government to offer asylum to NSA document leaker Edward Snowden. Published in a …

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