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77,000 Steam accounts hacked every month

If you thought Valve was being dramatic in its implementation of three-day-waits for loss-making item trades on Steam, think again. In a long-form blog explaining just why it pushed for two factor authentication and new protective measures for trades between Steam accounts, Valve revealed that as many as 77,000 people …

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How about replacing your password with a bio-tattoo?

Password strength and account security have been a hot topic for a long time, as it always seems like those making the security are one step behind those breaking it. Now though, Motorola is proposing a jump in an entirely different direction – bio-tattoos. Discussed by the head of the …

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Kim Dotcom has tech giants by the patented balls

I write about Kim Dotcom quite often. He’s an interesting man with an interesting story, but he’s usually portrayed by journalists as one of two things: either the hard done by entrepreneur,  used as a scapegoat by governments and police authorities for international media piracy, or he’s a criminal who’s guilty …

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Apple set to destroy millions of iPhone 5 chargers

As time moves forward, so the battle between legitimate product producers and dodgy copy merchants heats up. In the latest engagement, Apple seems to have fired a rather clever broadside against the Chinese. KitGuru checks for a stable supply of (Apple) juice before investigating further. When KitGuru interviewed an Apple …

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