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Flying cars might be a reality after all


Forget self-driving cars, self-flying cars might be the next big thing in transport. Airbus has announced that it will soon begin testing a flying car prototype that is able to transport passengers autonomously to their destination, avoiding the difficulties of traffic, as well as all of the potential obstacles that …

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Nike’s self-lacing BTTF trainers are coming in 2016

As if yesterday's cafuffle with the double muscle dog/cow wasn't enough, today's edition of off-beat technology sees us looking at Nike's self-lacing shoes from Back to the Future II. While many of us may have watched the films – or at least been subjected to endless Facebook posts about them …

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A hoverboard project has hit Kickstarter

Hoverboards finally exist and you can actually own one thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign offering up their current working model. It's pricey though, a pre-built model will set you back $10,000 while a ‘DIY kit' will only cost $299. The campaign currently has 53 days left to go and has …

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More cool stuff at Comic Con 2013

With a bright day over the London Excel being promised by the Met Centre,  tens of thousands of characters will begin the decent on Comic Con 2013, early Sunday morning. KitGuru plans to be in bed til noon, but here are some more shots of what you can expect if …

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Scientists claim time travel is impossible: but is it?

Science Fiction fans will be saddened to hear that we won't be traveling through time, well at least not according to a group of Hong Kong scientists, who claim that their research proves it is impossible. The team, which is based at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology …

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