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Swansea lagoon contractor confirmed for turbine house

The company that will build the turbine house and water flow sluice for the giant lagoon set to be built around Swansea has been named. Kent based engineering firm, Lain O’Rourke has been awarded the £200 million contract to build the facility and its underlying systems, with the project thought …

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UK could pioneer man-made lagoon power plants

Generating clean energy is a bit of a minefield. Nuclear is incredibly powerful but has some horrific dangers, solar power is still expensive and inefficient on a large scale and nobody wants a wind turbine in their back garden due to their size and noise. But what about wave power? …

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Bay Bridge becomes C-programmed 25,000 pixel display

At nearly 2 miles in length, the Bay Bridge in California has been carrying Americans across from San Francisco to Oakland for 6 months more than the Golden Gate Bridge. Through to 2015 however, it will have seriously better bragging rights than its more famous cousin, with the addition of …

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