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Toshiba debut’s world’s first single-package PCIe SSD

Toshiba Corp. has introduced the industry’s first single-package solid-state drive with the PCI Express 3.0 interface. The tiny chip will enable considerably higher storage performance on embedded devices or a massive reduction of size and weight of PC storage. To take advantage of the new product, mobile application processors will …

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Power Supply Buying Guide

System failure and instability?  We all used to love blaming Windows, but poor power supplies are often the cause. Whether you’re solving issues, upgrading or buying a complete new rig – KitGuru investigates the dark art of PSUs for you. Why do we need a PSU? Your home is probably …

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Mobile Phone Buying Guide

Blackberry, iPhone or Smartphone – which is best?  With the most attractive contracts running around 2 years, your next choice could be with you for a very long time. KitGuru opens the lid on mobiles to help you decide, which one’s best for me? Technologies If you type a lot, …

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Memory Buying Guide

Some people swear that memory is crucial to performance, while others think it’s the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ of upgrades. How much memory do you need, what speed should it run at and is it worth upgrading at all? Technologies Actual memory comes in tiny chips. These chips are mounted in …

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Monitor Buying Guide

The price of TFT screens has plummeted over the past 2 years. At the same time, the glass panels that are used to make monitors have been getting bigger and bigger. More screen real estate is always better.  These advances allow you have more applications open at once, play games …

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AMD 1090T: The Lion Roars @ Intel

AMD 1095T Architecture

Will AMD’s Leo platform be hopelessly outgunned by the awesome power of Intel’s latest, top-end, 6-core, i7 Extreme Edition… or are they aimed at totally different markets?  KitGuru gets in the ring to investigate who LEO wants to tame. In 2007, Pat Gelsinger gave an open interview about Intel’s future …

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