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Utorrent backs off of mandatory adverts

uTorrent maker BitTorrent Inc. was hit with a lot of flak last week for introducing mandatory adverts into its once upon a time, lightweight torrent sharing client, Utorrent. Over the weekend however, it dropped that idea and returned the service to optional advertisements. The advert in question is a small …

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uTorrent version 3.4 speeds up downloading

uTorrent has been criticised a lot over the past couple of years, often for going from its very minimalist, simple client to a much more packed piece of software combining lots of new features. However, this latest update is likely to please even the most jaded of downloaders, as it …

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Google removes piracy terms from search filter

For some time now, Google has had a list of search terms that it limits the functionality of, not offering suggestions through instant search and you'll need to actually hit the enter key to see any results pertaining to those terms. No one knows exactly how many words are on …

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Does BitTorrent equal piracy?

BitTorrent No

This is the question being asked today by Bit Torrent inc. in a new initiative to help detractors of the file sharing medium understand the true benefits, beyond those that use it to get free copies of the latest and greatest movies. With a new site called, doesbittorrentequalpiracy.com – try …

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BitTorrent teams up with author for promotion

Tim Ferriss

BitTorrent Inc has announced that it is joining forces with author Tim Ferriss in order to promote his new book, off the back of US book retailers stating that they wouldn't sell anything that was published through Amazon. Unfortunately for Mr Ferris, that's where his latest book, “The 4-Hour Chef,” …

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