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Swedish ISP continues to refuse Pirate Bay block

Even though it barely seems to be operational these days, The Pirate Bay is the most iconic torrent search site in the world and is frequently cited by media lobby groups as a URL that ISPs should block – often with the courts backing that decision. While some ISPs might …

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Swedish ISP refuses Pirate Bay block order

Over the past decade, the tactics used to tackle piracy by copyright lobby groups and copyright holders have changed dramatically. What once saw them taking individual sharers to court and ruining their lives through bankruptcy and more, now has them getting sites blocked by Internet Service Providers, making it a …

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BT reminds everyone they can appeal ISP blocks

BT, like all the other big ISPs in the UK has repeatedly been forced by lobby groups, through the court system, to block many websites linked with piracy, despite the fact that circumventing the block orders has become incredibly easy. After the latest round of blocks however, BT has begun …

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Italy lifts ban on many ‘pirate’ sites

Last year Italy dropped the ban hammer on a bunch of different sites, claiming they were heavily involved in media piracy. Some of these were file lockers like Mega, while others were webmail clients like Mail.ru. Since then however, the site owners have been appealing the decision and now after nearly a …

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