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YoYotech expands to larger facility

Even though the news and politicians are still discussing the country’s financial recovery, nobody seems to have told PC gamers that as clearly they’re still buying upgrades in impressive numbers, as YoYotech is doing so well it’s had to expand its operation and move to a new facility in Basingstoke. …

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YOYOTech claims there is a resurgence for gaming PCs

Invited down to a glamorous hotel in central London by YOYOTech to see ‘The Resurgence of PC Gaming’, KitGuru was intrigued. The Centerprise performance PC brand was certainly acting confident, but in the face of recent IDC and Gartner reports, was that confidence mis-placed?  Ignoring the wine and nibbles, we …

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YOYOTech XDNA Aurum 24K Images Gallery

The response to KitGuru’s earlier article about YOYOTech’s brand new £8,000 mega box, the XDNA Aurum 24K was really positive. While we can argue about whether any PC can be worth that much money, there’s no doubting the beauty of this hand-crafted monster. You wanted more, so here’s more. While …

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YOYOTech offer bundles of joy with a stack of price cuts

Following the company’s purchase by IT giant Centerprise, there have been a lot of changes at YOYOTech, including some aggressive price drops. KitGuru scans the latest offers, sticks in its thumb and tries to pull out a plum.  The sudden movement of £300 on AMD’s top FX processors following the …

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Centerprise prepare to take sizeable chunk of UK PC market

Outside of the PC industry, the name Centerprise might not ring a bell. Inside the industry, it is known as a major IT distributor – based in Basingstoke – with around 30 years’ experience in the UK channel. Centerprise has just made a rather interesting acquisition, which could create interesting …

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