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SOPA like Trans Pacific Partnership derailed by US Senate

It’s been a while since the internet’s freedoms were threatened by something as paltry as legislation, we’ve had PRISM and Tempora to worry about for the last 10 months. But before that, we took on the likes of SOPA, PIPA and ACTA and won, so it’s somewhat surprising that the …

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MPAA denies study that suggests piracy not as bad as it thinks

The MPAA has released what it describes as a ‘debunking’ of the recent London School of Economics study that suggested piracy wasn’t having anywhere near the negative impact that media lobbyists have been saying for years. The LSE’s response? This is all par for the course. The study was “debunked” …

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MPAA claims victory in Hotfile summary judgement

The Motion Picture Association of America has claimed victory in a summary judgement against file locker website HotFile, which it maintains has built its entire business on the trafficking of illegally pirated movies, music and software – despite the fact that the most popular shared files on the site are …

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