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DayZ is finally moving to a new engine

From the outside looking in, progress on DayZ seems to have been moving very slowly. Many of the promised standalone features have yet to be incorporated but according to Dean Hall, the game is finally set to move to a new engine, which will improve parts of the game and …

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DayZ standalone sells 173k in 24 hours

The standalone version of DayZ launched yesterday, with its creator, Dean “Rocket,” Hall suggesting that only the hardcore fans should drop £20 on it, as it is in a very early alpha stage and is therefore not fully featured or even that polished at the moment, but it is at …

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DayZ standalone debuts on Steam

It's been a big 24 hours for open world, multiplayer titles. First Just Cause 2 MP landed late yesterday and now the standalone version of DayZ has finally appeared on Steam too. It's still an early access alpha, so don't expect a completely polished experience, but it's certainly got a …

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Here’s why DayZ is taking longer than expected

It's been almost a year since DayZ was supposed to see its initial standalone release and yet here we are, with not much to see beyond a few developer diaries and showcases of new features. This understandably has those that have been eagerly awaiting its launch wondering when it exactly …

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Day Z gets standalone game

Day Z Official

Day Z, the zombie survival, permadeath mod for the three year old ARMA II, has now finally been given the go ahead as a full game. The original creator of the mod, Dean “Rocket” Hall will be the project lead, with ARMA II creator, Bohemia handling the publishing. The announcement …

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