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Google is dropping Google+ from the Play Store


Google has begun ditching its Google+ social networking integration from the Play Store, as it continues to make the service far less ubiquitous. While there was once a section about people you knew and what they thought of various apps, and you needed a G+ account to leave reviews, none …

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Google lets you Private Message in Hangouts now


Google is continuing to update its social network API, this time adding the ability to private message your pals when you’re in a Hangout. This brings the Hangout API to version 1.2, not only making it possible to communicate without others listening in, but also integrating new video and sound …

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Google sales beat projections

Search engine giant Google have had a good week, releasing reports that sales beat projections. Their sales rose to $6.92 billion, which was more than the %6.57 billion projection of analysts which were surveyed by Bloomberg. So far it seems a good start for Larry Page, who replaced Eric Schmidt …

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Google Plus: can it succeed?

Google’s Eric Schmidt told reporters at the Allen & Co media conference in Sun Valley that Google Plus is becoming an integral aspect of the business. “The whole company is ramping up on top of it.” he said. Google Plus is a serious effect by the organisation to challenge Facebook …

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