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Google TV to get OnLive Access

Google TV OnLive

Google is set to team up with Marvell and OnLive, to deliver a cloud gaming experience from within its TV sets. To handle the remote gameplay, Google will be relying on Marvell's ARMADA 1500 chipset. According to the trio of firms, ARMADA is “the ideal processor to power tomorrow's ‘smart' …

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LG announces Google TV technology in, well, TVs

CES looks like being an announcement hotbed this January, and one of the first significant stories to emerge is the annoucement by LG of its future strategy for delivering non-traditional TV entertainment through its new TVs. KitGuru checks the date on its own BBC-funding TV licence and begins typing. Google …

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Google TV is failing to generate a buzz

Google do many things right. They still have the most comprehensive online search engine and their Android operating system is taking the world by storm. But for every success story there has to be a product sitting in the shadows, failing to excite customers. Google TV was expected to be …

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Google TV service to launch this autumn in U.S.A.

We reported yesterday that Samsung are stepping up a new campaign to shift focus into the television market, using Google's Android operating system. In an announcement from Google – they state they are bringing the web to television screens in the US later this year and then worldwide in 2011. …

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