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nVidia Xmas sale starts early on GTX470/480

Jen Hsun Huang nVidia Price Drop

KitGuru spends far too much time trolling bars and eavesdropping on conversations. We admit it. We need help. However, in the meantime, when we frequent the ale houses of Theale, it’s always possible to hear something juicy. Especially about price drops. Supping on cider at 22 Church Street, Theale in …

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GTX 465: Scanning for launch stock

KitGuru has been up most of the night, researching the market ahead of the retail launch of nVidia’s GTX 465 card. As you know, this card delivers decent performance at almost the right price. But can you buy it? In case you didn’t know, Scan is one of the biggest …

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GTX 465 price breaks cover – Pilot error blamed

As reviewers across the globe add extra security to their networks to prevent AMD spies breaking in and discovering performance data, special launch information and street pricing – it takes just one site to undo all that good work. News and reviews sites across the world have just been alerted …

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GTX465 price has been set – but is it optimistic?

Pricing a graphics card is a fine art. Too low and you lose profit. Too high and you wind up with a warehouse full of kit no guru wants. So what price has nVidia chosen for the GTX465?  KitGuru investigates. A company’s product line up is called the stack. From …

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