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GTX465 price has been set – but is it optimistic?

Pricing a graphics card is a fine art. Too low and you lose profit. Too high and you wind up with a warehouse full of kit no guru wants. So what price has nVidia chosen for the GTX465?  KitGuru investigates.

A company's product line up is called the stack. From entry level to enthusiast sector, one above the other, based on performance. If you believe that the GTX470 is s good as the 5870,  then you price it accordingly. It seems that Santa Clara thinks the GTX465 will match ATI's Radeon HD 5850. On that  basis, nVidia will look for at least £250 for the new card, but has it got the price right?

KitGuru says: With the kind of games that will surface closer to Christmas, maybe. But with the games out now, this card needs to beat the 5850 by at least £50 on price – possibly more.

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