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GTX 465: Scanning for launch stock

KitGuru has been up most of the night, researching the market ahead of the retail launch of nVidia’s GTX 465 card. As you know, this card delivers decent performance at almost the right price. But can you buy it?

In case you didn’t know, Scan is one of the biggest retail partners for nVidia. If anyone is going to have stock, it’s the boys from Bolton. But even the Enterprise Park posse don’t seem to have more than a handful of cards.

Stock will, of course, flow into the channel at some point – and we’ll keep an eye on the top retailers to let you know when that happens.

Funny that the only card shown in stock when we took this snapshot was from Point of View. Maybe the air drop into the Dunstable pilot store drifted off course.

KitGuru says: nVidia fanbois will be searching far and wide today for GTX 465. Good news for them is that some of the cards we’ve seen come down to £246 – a tiny bit lower than we’d anticipated. Will be interesting to see if limited stock actually pushes that price UP over the next few days.

GTX 465: Scarce at any price

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  1. Looks pretty much like a paper launch in the UK, which is quite sad.

  2. Yeah no stocks here either, disappointing as I think this card might sell well for nvidia.