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HTV Vive is the VR must see at Multiplay i56

Although Oculus is the darling of the virtual reality world, HTC’s Vive headset has been making waves since it started shipping out to developers who wanted to build games and experiences for its commercial release. However the general public have had a chance to play around with the headset and …

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Insomnia i55 – the games, the booths, the rigs

Insomnia i55 might make you walk a long way to get there, but i55 is, like most Multiplay events, packed with interesting things to look at and do. There’s a few new games to try, a lot of hardware on show and plenty of desktop PCs that will make you …

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Coming to Multiplay i55? Bring your walking shoes

Multiplay’s latest Insomnia event, i55, has a parking problem. It’s not clear if it’s just because it’s become a victim of its own success, has been planned poorly, or a combination of the two, but there are thousands of people who have been unable to park near enough to the …

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