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Intel may offer overclocking on a budget with Core i3-7350k


Over the years, Intel has been known to limit the overclocking capabilities of its lower end processors like the Core i3 in order to push more people over to the higher-end unlocked Core i5 and Core i7 SKUs. The only standout to this recently has been the Pentium Anniversary chip …

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F5V Tablet PC released with Core i3 processor

It isn’t often you hear of a tablet being released with a full Core i3 processor, but Motion Computing are due to release the Motion F5v Tablet PC which features one of Intel’s high powered processors. “Motion is committed to offering our customers a broad range of price and performance …

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Intel Core i3 560: For a Few MegaHz More

Speed bumping a processor is a very natural way to refresh your range. It’s the oldest marketing trick in the book, but what does it actualy buy you? In reality, it’s very hard to know. KitGuru looks at the upcoming IntelCore i3 560 processor. In the good old days of …

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