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Kim Dotcom set to launch NZ political party

Megaupload and MEGA founder, Kim Dotcom, has announced his intention to launch a new political party that will contest elections next year in New Zealand, with plans to improve the country's IT infrastructure, internet access and download allowances. The party is set to begin operation on the 20th January, 2014, …

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US authorities win appeal in Dotcom extradition case

Throughout the extradition war between Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and the US authorities attempting to send him to their homeland for a full criminal trial, one of the battlegrounds has been whether Dotcom's legal team should be given access to all the evidence against their client, or simply be given …

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Dotcom muses of Megaupload class action lawsuit

Kim Dotcom has been hitting Twitter again over the past 24 hours, though not to discuss the rampant success or security concerns over the recently launched file locker successor, Mega, but the potential for a class action lawsuit from himself, his staff and Megaupload users against the US government. Back …

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