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Dotcom muses of Megaupload class action lawsuit

Kim Dotcom has been hitting Twitter again over the past 24 hours, though not to discuss the rampant success or security concerns over the recently launched file locker successor, Mega, but the potential for a class action lawsuit from himself, his staff and Megaupload users against the US government.

Back in early 2012, Kim Dotcom had his mansion raided, his assets seized and he was imprisoned with charges of copyright infringement, fruad and money laundering. However the users of the site were also hit, as their personal data was seized by US authorities when Megaupload servers were taken as evidence against the site's owner. To date, they still haven't had it back. While undoubtedly there are some pirated movies to be found, there is also likely to be a lot of personal photos as well as business related documents that the US has refused to hand over.

With this in mind, Dotcom believes it wouldn't take much to rally support around a single cause – getting the information back and getting compensation for the initial seizure.

The tweet that began the discussion was the following:

It was then followed up several hours later by a second that stated:

That's a sizable number from a country that didn't have even close to the majority of Megaupload users. That said, even the million discussed by Dotcom is paltry, since the site was averaging 50 million unique users every single day.

Currently only a single user is suing the US government. If he were joined by a million or more others, that would be a much more significant threat to the current US position on Megaupload and its founder.

KitGuru Says: What do you guys think on this? Should Megaupload users sue and if so, what do you think a fair outcome would be?

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