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Tech giants to pay out $415 million in poaching lawsuit

A US District Judge today approved a $415 million settlement in the no-poaching lawsuit levied at several massive tech companies, including Google, Apple and Intel. The class action lawsuit came about after it was discovered that several massive tech companies agreed to not poach employees from one another, which in …

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Yahoo to face class action over email snooping

Even though the governments and intelligence agencies of the world can spy on anyone with impunity, at least corporate entities that do the same still have to face the music. In this case it’s Yahoo, which stands accused of snooping on emails sent to Yahoo subscribers, from non-Yahoo email accounts, …

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Judge throws out two class-action lawsuits against Google

A California court has decided to dismiss two class-action lawsuits against Google, which accused the company of bad business practises, despite a lack of evidence. Eventually, it was decided that the plaintiffs could not sufficiently support their claims. The first class action lawsuit claimed that because Google has other Android device …

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Apple iPod DRM lawsuit is falling apart

The class action lawsuit launched against Apple over iPod DRM is falling apart as new evidence has come to light, showing that the two named plaintiffs did not actually buy the affected iPod models covered by the lawsuit during the relevant time frame. This case pertains to anti-trust issues, claiming …

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It’s official- EA is being sued

Last week we reported that legal firm Holzer Holzer and Fistel, was investigating EA’s public statements about Battlefield 4’s progress. This probably would have led to a lawsuit eventually but for now, another firm has beat it to the punch as Robins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, has launched a class action …

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Dotcom muses of Megaupload class action lawsuit

Kim Dotcom has been hitting Twitter again over the past 24 hours, though not to discuss the rampant success or security concerns over the recently launched file locker successor, Mega, but the potential for a class action lawsuit from himself, his staff and Megaupload users against the US government. Back …

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