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AMD settles Bulldozer class-action lawsuit for $12.1 million

Many of you will remember the AMD ‘Bulldozer' class action lawsuit, claiming that the series of FX processors were falsely advertised and overstated the number of cores on the chip. The lawsuit has been going on for around four years now but today, it officially comes to an end, with AMD reaching a settlement agreement.

The class action suit alleged that the eight-core Bulldozer FX CPUs were falsely advertised as having eight cores. This stems from the CPU's design, as while Windows would recognise each Bulldozer module as two separate cores, they shared a single FPU as well as instruction and execution resources.

Fortunately, we won't need a judge to try and rule on what is officially classed as a CPU core anymore. AMD has reached a settlement agreement, which will include a $12.1 million pay out, split roughly into $35 chunks amongst US buyers of eight-core Bulldozer chips.

The settlement comes at a good time, as in January, a judge had ruled that the lawsuit could proceed after rejecting AMD's argument that a “significant majority” of consumers agreed with its definition of a CPU core.

KitGuru Says: I didn't expect that we would still be talking about Bulldozer now in 2019 but here we are. It looks like this case can now be wrapped up, although there will be another update in the future when these class action payouts start going out. 

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