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Memblaze unveils the PBlaze5 520 Series NVMe SSD

Memblaze has announced its PBlaze5 520 Series NVMe SSDs, promising enterprise level performance, 96-layer 3D NAND and a significant reduction in power usage.  One of Memblaze’s focuses with the new PBlaze5 520 series is to bring down the power consumption. The new SSDs have a typical power consumption of 9W and …

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PMC and Memblaze unveil PCIe SSD with 8TB capacity, 3.2GB/s bandwidth

PMC-Sierra, a leading designer of storage controllers, and Memblaze, a producer of high-end storage accelerators, have unveiled a new extreme-performance PBlaze4 solid-state drive that boasts both extreme capacity and extreme performance. The Memblaze PBlaze4 solid-state storage solution is powered by PMC’s Flashtec NVM Express (NVMe) controllers, use PCI Express 2.0 …

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