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Samsung now mass producing 128GB DDR4 modules

If the Steam Hardware Survey is anything to go by, most of you are running between four and eight gigabytes of RAM in your system. That’s enough for most games, though some video editing and Photoshop pros may like a few more Gigabytes tacked on there too. Samsung clearly wants us all …

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AMD faces class action lawsuit over Bulldozer core count claims

It looks like AMD has a class action lawsuit on its hands over the company’s Bulldozer series of processors. The complaint stems from claims that AMD overstated the number of cores contained in the chip, the lawsuit says that while AMD advertised Bulldozer as having eight cores, it only really had …

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Adata and Kingston disect 32GB memory price jump

Most of the time, technology manufacturers keep the underlying cost of a product ‘masked’ from us, the consumers. When a component suffers a temporary increase in cost, that amount is swallowed and the price on the shelf remains the same.When the price drops, the manufacturers also hang onto the difference …

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