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Gene Simmons still wants all music pirates imprisoned

Gene Simmons has once again decided to showcase his prehistoric ways of thinking with regards to music piracy, suggesting that it’s killing the music industry (just like he proclaimed back in 2008) and that ultimately anyone involved in it should go to jail. He even goes so far as to …

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Napster documentary Downloaded to premier at SXSW

A documentary directed by Alex Winters, the most excellent companion to Keanu Reeve’s Ted, from Bill and Ted, called Downloaded, is set to debut at the South by South West festival, chronicling the rise and fall of the internet’s first dominant, Peer to Peer file transfer service, Napster, and its …

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Napster hits iOS devices

Apple owners rejoice because Napster have finally released an application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Historians among us will remember that Best Buy bought Napster for $121 million which has helped its survival in this tough climate. The NAPSTER application allows the end user to list to over …

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