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Dinosaur discovery paints evolutionary path to the velociraptor

The discovery of a new dinosaurs on a Welsh beach could help palaeontologists understand the evolutionary path taken by dinosaurs to become some of the most iconic  of the terrible lizards. Living some 200 million years ago, dracoraptor hanigani, could well be one of the early prototypes for the velociraptor, which …

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Long armed dinosaur mystery solved

If there was one joke that often gets brought up about many dinosaurs, it's that if they had arms, they were often short. Not all of them though, and one dinosaur in particular with exceptionally long arms for its kind has been puzzling palaeontologists for decades, but no longer. Deinocheirus mirificus …

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New dinosaur discovery shows even more frill variation

Quick, name three dinosaurs. Ok here's mine: T-Rex, stegosaurus, triceratops. These (along with Iguanodon in a close 4th) were the dinosaurs I loved the most as a kid and chances are, each of them with their very distinctive and different looks, will be on most of your lists too. However, …

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