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Edward Snowden calls on Redditors to reject Patriot Act

Section 215 of the United States Patriot Act is set to expire on the 1st of June, potentially killing off a lot of the NSA and other US based intelligence forces' abilities to spy on individuals without going through official channels. That's something that a  lot of US law-makers don't …

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US appeals court declares NSA spying illegal

Despite British MP's quickly jumping on the idea of increasing the amount of spying that agencies like GCHQ perform against the British public, across the pond things don't look quite so rosy for the intelligence agencies. The NSA's record of spying on US citizens has been deemed illegal by a …

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US Congressman wants to shackle NSA spying

Maybe it's time we put our scepticism aside for a second and considered that maybe not all politicians are liars and charlatans. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, one of the original authors of the US' Patriot Act, has called for the NSA's ability to survey its own citizens to be severely curtailed …

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