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Info Security Europe kicks off in London

As technology permeates every corner of the planet, so the threat of significant security attacks grows. Articles that run on world famous newspapers like the New York Times, result in massive hacks into every PC owned by that organisation – within 24 hours. It's a very serious world and security …

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Jessops set to return with Dragon Peter Jones

While his normal role on Dragon's Den involves handing out £10,000 for a new kind of biscuit or £15,000 for a sock that makes your feet smell like buttered toast, Peter Jones is hardly a muppet when it comes to investment. His sudden interest in defunct high street photography brand …

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LG pwns the tablet display market

As the whole world plus dog moves to a more mobile way of computing, wise companies who invested in flat panel manufacturing technology, are cashing in big time. But in this world of LED willy waving, who’s the alpha monkey? KitGuru steps into the ring to get hands on with …

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